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Provide your clients with greater transparency and deeper insights into their multi-manager investment solutions.


Investment Central aims to provide advisers the tools and support they need when using a multi-manager investment solution. Identify your clients risk profile and then choose a multi-manager investment solution that best suits your clients risk tolerance.


You can take a look under the bonnet of each fund and discover the underlying investment managers and strategies you get access to in one multi-manager fund.


Fund intelligence is available at the click of a button where you can easily access information such as; research ratings, underlying holdings and asset class allocation, plus a dynamic charting tool to compare fund performance and more. Even build your own portfolio and generate PDF reports.


Provide ongoing client support with quarterly fund reporting, underlying manager changes, latest news and market insights straight from the Investment team.


To find out more or to organise an Investment Central demonstration email investmentcentral@ioof.com.au


Education hub

Invest with confidence and discover why a multi-manager approach makes sense.

Investment solutions

Access fund information, diversification details and latest performance.


Keep on track with your advice needs and ongoing reporting for your clients.